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Our Mission and Vision (Click Below)

The mission of Faith Movers Academy is to educate, empower, and equip every student that enters our doors with an enlightening and personal Christian academic experience, personalized education, and a pathway to discover their purpose.

  1. Leaders- Inspired to create vision that will transform learning and growth for teachers and students.

2. Teachers- Empowered to innovate and build meaningful relationships with EVERY child.

3. Students- Believe in God, themselves, and the adults that lead them in an effort to change the world and live God’s purpose for their life.

Faith Movers Academy is a spiritual institution that provides children with a first class education as we build lives through faith, innovation, education and leading our scholars to establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

Executive Director, LaCresha Herring.

″We didn’t come to take sides, we came to take over.”


“We didn’t come to take sides, we came to take over.” 

“Faith Movers Academy is a premier learning center. My son attended PreK there and I was very impressed with the lesson planning and attention spent toward kindergarten readiness at this school. If you are looking for teaching and learning, this is the school for you. The small classroom size and hands-on help from the teacher and principal are amazing! The remote learning plan was excellent. I’m so blessed that my son is a FMA Scholar!”


“We didn’t come to take sides,”As a first time mom, I was a bit anxious about my son learning outside of our home; however the staff and teachers at FMA were kind and patient and most importantly they had structure, order and consistency. I would say our: (mine, my husband and son) overall experience with the school was amazing! Our son learned many things in language arts; math; science; our black culture; God and the Bible and many other things!” we came to take over.” 

“Having my children enrolled in FMA is like having them in the care of great family members while I’m at work. The personal relationship each staff member builds with the children is above and beyond my expectations of personalized learning- they treat, teach, pour, correct, and love each child like their own. I couldn’t ask for a stronger village.”

“I have nothing but great things to say about the Phenomenal Faith Movers Academy- It’s a family. A family that really cares!

All of the staff are great and supportive. It’s scary when you have to drop your child off at school and not know what is going to happen but with the Faith Movers Academy all of your fears and anxiety are taken away. They are not only invested in the children but they are invested in the whole family.
I’m so glad to be a part of the Faith Movers Academy family!!!!
My child would be a part of Faith Movers Academy until the end.”