Our Core Values

Building Faith, Developing Scholars, Revolutionizing Education

Thank you for your interest in Faith Movers Academy. We are eager to work with you and your child to ensure they receive a quality education, built with faith and innovation.


Christ-Centered Education

We believe that Jesus Christ is first and foremost in any endeavor or task that we seek to accomplish. An approach that is Christ-Centered is the foundation for student achievement, our way of operation, and community transformation.

Innovative Methods

At Faith Movers Academy, we believe that the future lies in the hands of the innovators. Living in a nontraditional society requires nontraditional methodologies of teaching and learning so that our scholars are equipped for an ever-changing world with endless possibilities. We value new and creative ways to engage our scholars in their everyday learning experiences.

Community Outreach

As an extension of Faith Movers Church, Faith Movers Academy believes that outreach is critical to the development of any scholar that is building the kingdom of God and looking to use their knowledge to impact their community. Faith Movers Academy scholars regularly participate in various outreach efforts to help bring change to surrounding communities and communities around the world.

Accelerated Achievement

Faith Movers Academy is first and foremost an academic institution that prizes academic excellence. We push our scholars not only to meet their goals, but to exceed them. This is reflected in our high expectations, accountability and level of teaching.

Spiritual Development

We believe that each scholar has been uniquely designed by God and is made up of body, soul and spirit. Spiritual development is just as critical academic development because “men look at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.” (I Samuel 16:7b)

Servant Leadership

At Faith Movers Academy we believe that leadership development is key for our scholars as they seek to establish God’s kingdom on earth with both their spiritual gifts and academic skills. We know that the most effective leaders are also the best servants. Therefore, our scholars learn leadership from a biblical perspective with servanthood at its core.


At Faith Movers Academy, we understand that the cornerstone of a successful, engaged learning environment is the establishment of healthy, caring, Christian relationships. We believe that relationships are central to external and internal operations of the Faith Movers Academy community.