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  • Will there be a before and after school program?

    Yes. Faith Movers Academy

  • Will there be financial aid assistance?

    Discounts will be applied for Faith Movers Church members, faculty, staff, and multiple siblings

  • What are the grade levels?

    It is our sincere desire for the first year’s open registration to be 3 years olds to 5th grade. However, the 2018-2019 school year will be determined based on final projections.

  • How will students be graded or evaluated?

    The goal of Faith Movers Academy is to empower and assist our students in mastering curriculum standards and excelling at their highest potential. We will start with a traditional grading scale but will evolve to an assessment model that identifies mastery in each content area taught. Report cards will be provided along with a learning system that allows parents, teachers and students to monitor student progress regularly.

  • How will you infuse technology?

    Technology and innovation will be an essential element of Faith Movers Academy’s learning culture. We will phase in the use of devices and professional training each year, with an ultimate goal of a one to one device usage for all.

  • What will be teacher qualifications?

    Faith Movers Academy will hire state certified and degreed instructorsOur goal is to hire innovative, enthusiastic, passionate educators who believe in our scholars and have a passionate love for God.

  • What will be your discipline policy?

    A Scholar Code of Cooperation will be designed by the school faculty and scholars. A clear policy for student engagement, behavior and academics will be agreed upon by the school family, scholars, and parents each year.

  • Can the school accommodate students with a disability? If so, which disabilities and how do they work with the student?

    Faith Movers Academy understands the responsibility of fully serving students with disabilities. We will meet with families to determine the best placement for any scholar with disabilities or needs for accommodations for learning.

  • Does the program prepare the whole student (e.g., attitude, decision making, etc) or is the focus mainly on academics?

    One of the greatest strengths in establishing Faith Movers Academy is our dedication in working as a family to empower and support every aspect of our scholars. We will have programs designed to offer a range of curriculum offerings, career and God given gifts, purpose exploration and strengths.

  • How does the school measure the student′s individual progress (gains), and the school′s progress?

    Several areas of academic accountability will be utilized to measure the academic progress of every scholar. Formative and summative assessments will be used to monitor student progress throughout the entire school year. Faith Movers Academy, through the personalized learning environment, will also work to make data on student progress available to families throughout the year. An assessment calendar will be made available for families to stay informed of their scholar’s academic mastery. Specific assessments will be detailed before the start of school.

  • Will lunch be provided? What will be the cost?

    Lunch is not included in student fees or tuition. However, lunch will be provided at cost.

  • How will you focus on diversity?

    Faith Movers Academy is excited about our focus on diversity in the student body and staff. We will be a culturally relevant learning environment seeking to empower all scholars and families.

  • Will transportation be provided?

    Transportation will not be provided.

  • With what denomination will the school identify?

    Faith Movers Academy is an extension of Faith Movers Church and is non-denominational. We are a Bible-based and Christ-centered academy. We welcome all faiths to consider our learning environment.

  • What assessment will you use for grade placement or student achievement?

    Grade placement will be determined by each scholar’s previous school experience and grades. A placement team will needed on a case-by- case basis.

  • Where will the school be located?

    Faith Movers Academy will be located at 425 Exchange Street, University Park, Il on the campus of Faith Movers Church.

  • If my child enrolls at Faith Movers Academy, do I have to become a member of or attend Faith Movers Church?

    No. You do not have to be a member of Faith Movers Church to enroll. You are always welcome to worship with us at Faith Movers Church.

  • Do I have to be a member of Faith Movers Church to enroll?

    No. You do not have to me a member of Faith Movers Church to enroll.

  • How will you evaluate school effectiveness?

    Faith Movers Academy will affiliate itself with the appropriate national and global organizations for accreditation. Additionally, we will identify the best considerations for research-based practices in conducting performance audits and accountability.